It’s been a while since I have reviewed an adult fun-time drink, perhaps because I have been boring and sticking to Keystone Light. Well, every once in a while I feel a little adventurous and try something new. The latest find is Absolut Grapevine. I was initially attracted to the bottle, but when I read the ingredients I was instantly sold.

Absolut Vodka Grapefruit


White grape, dragon fruit, and papaya. Get in my bloodstream immediately. It was almost good enough to drink on the rocks. And I suppose it would be good if you’re into that sort of thing. I personally wish I could drink liquor straight.. imagine the money and calories you could save on mixers .. one can only dream.

So I have been really strict about this clean eating thing, which means being meticulous about what foods go in my body. That also includes drinks. We used to regularly purchase Barton’s vodka, which is $12 for a 1.75 liter. While the price isn’t nearly as exciting, we have switched to Absolut, which is around $20 for a 750ml.

But the extra money has been worth it, the Absolut website states  that the first ingredients/main ingredients are white grapes, dragon fruit and papaya flavor. They also explain that there is no added sugar in Absolut Grapevine, and the other ingredients are winter wheat and water. “The water comes from a deep well in Åhus where it’s protected from impurities. The winter wheat is also grown in Åhus and differs from other crops: it’s sown one fall, and harvested the next one. Days in between it grows under the Swedish snow developing its hard grain. Also, the use of fertilizers is minimized. Of course, the white grapes, dragon fruit and papaya are as natural as the rest of the ingredients.” -Absolut website

The creepiest thing about Barton’s, other than the rubbing alcohol smell and taste, is that they don’t have a website..that I can find anyway. I would rather pay a little more to know that I’m consuming good ingredients without added sugar or aspartame, or any other scary ingredient that could be hiding in there.

Now as for the drink itself, it says on the Absolut bottle to just add water and lime, so that’s what I did. Now your portions will vary from mine. I don’t do the whole “one part this, one part that” thing, I add ice first then add some vodka. Pour water, or carbonated water, up to about an inch and a half from the rim and squeeze fresh lime. Stir and taste to see if you should add a little more vodka, or water in there.

Absolut’s website offers recipes if you want more flavor, but I like the simple taste of the lime water so you’re actually able to taste the flavors in the vodka itself. Plus, less calories that way!

Have you tried Absolut Grapevine? Have a favorite vodka recipe? Let’s hear it!



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